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Manta Ray EV Charging

Manta Ray Decentralised App in iOS and Android

Coming Soon

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Contact-less automated payments

Using NFC tags attached to the Charger uniquely programmed for each host will automatically detect a Driver with the Manta Ray App and connect to enable parking and charging fees to be paid as soon as the driver leaves.

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Booking System

As a EV Driver the Manta Ray app will have search capability that can identify a charge point in the area you select. 

As a EV Host you can set which time and day you want to make your EV charging point available.  

Payment System

The mobile App has built in wallet that allows you setup payment methods for automated payments. Wallet will also show the MREV tokens you have earned and their value on the open market.

For hosts it will provide analysis of what income or trends can drive more income.

Digital Wallet

In App rewards in the form of Manta Ray $mrev tokens which can be sold on open market managed by your wallet in your Manta Ray Dapp. 

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In-App Rewards

Essential to the network effect and success of Manta Ray is the MREV token which drives the Decentralised Autonomous Organization DAO. The MREV token is earned by drivers and hosts through KYC, referrals and reviews.


MREV token makes each holder an owner of the Manta Ray organization. 1 token equals 1 vote on Governance and Feature proposals.  


Contribute ideas to Manta Ray

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